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Cisco ASA 5500 Edition Bundle ASA5512-K9 ASA 5512-X with SW, 6GE Data, 1GE Mgmt, AC, 3DES/AES

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ASA5512-K9 Overview

ASA 5512-K9

250 IPSec VPN peers, up to 1 Gbps stateful inspection throughput, 100,000 Concurrent ConnectionsCloud- and Software-based Firewall services, 3DES/AES, 2 SSL VPN peers6 copper GE ports, 1 copper GE management port, 1 expansion slotCisco Application Visibility and Control (AVC), Cisco Web Security Essentials (WSE)4 GB memory, 4 GB flash

Cisco ASA 5512-K9 is the next-generation firewall of ASA 5500-X Series. Cisco ASA 5500-X Series provides deep network security through an array of integrated cloud-base and software-based firewall services offering service flexibility, modular scalability and feature extensibility in order to reduce deployment and operation costs.

ASA 5512-K9 delivers superior performance with up to 1 Gbps stateful inspection throughput, 250 IPsec VPN peers, 100,000 concurrent connections and 1 expansion slot makes it ideally suited for the small, mid-size enterprises or branch offices while delivering enterprise-strength security. The Multiple security services and redundant power supplies enable consistent security implementation; the cloud-base and software-base modular enable security services, such as IPS, Cisco Application Visibility and control (AVC), Cisco Web Security Essentials (WSE), and Cisco Cloud Web Security (CWS).

*Note: ASA 5512-K9 needs Security PLus license to support Active/Active and Active/Standby.


Features Description
1 Management 0/0 interface Indicates the Gigabit Ethernet interface that is restricted to management use only. Connect with an RJ-45 cable.
2 Power supply Indicates the chassis power supply.
3 RJ-45 ports Indicates the Gigabit Ethernet customer data interfaces.
The top row port numbers are (from left to right) 5, 3, 1.
The bottom row port numbers are (from left to right) 4, 2, 0.
4 USB Ports Indicates the two USB standard ports.
5 Console port Indicates the console port that directly connects a computer to the ASA.

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