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4-Port Serial HWIC

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  • Support 2800/2900/3800/3900 Series router
  • 4 High-Speed serial ports, 8 Mbps per port
  • WAN aggregation, multiprotocol support

HWIC-4T is the 4 port multiprotocol serial high-speed WAN interface module for 2800/2900/3800/3900 Series integrated services Routers to enable WAN aggregation with supporting the serial speed up to 8 Mbps per ports where the clients can hook up the device and stream and simultaneously transfer data quickly. With integration of the module to the router, makes it easy to expand the ports to your system. Four asynchronous/synchronous ports allow the best data transfer rate. In addition, HWIC-4T supports multiprotocols that includes HDLC, PPP, Frame-Relay, bi-sync, SLIP and X.25 protocols.

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