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Enterprise-Class Link Balancing for SMBs

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The Elfiq LBX700 Link Balancer brings enterprise-level performance and features to small and medium businesses to proactively enable link load balancing across multiple ISP links for business continuity. The LBX700 is a multi-core platform allowing you to enable CPU intensive options like Elfiq Layer-7 inspection AppOptimizer with no bandwidth degradation.

The LBX700 has two virtualized instances of the Elfiq Link Balancer into the same physical hardware allowing to balance safely public and private networks.

With Elfiq’s exclusive Layer-2 design for inline transparent installation and utilization, organizations can manage and link load balance up to 10 ISP or private links with a total throughput of 600 Mbps to ensure maximum uptime and added the performance of many ISP links without redesigning their network.

Technical Specifications

Performance and balancing
Incoming and outgoing traffic balancing Yes
Maximum number of links 10
Maximum throughput upload or download 300 Mbps
Maximum throughput upload and download 600 Mbps
Maximum number of sessions* 128 000
Maximum number of Virtual Forwarder Interfaces 2
Maximum number of links per Virtual Forwarder Interface 5
Maximum number of network (subnets) per link 4
Protocol balancing through multiple algorithms  Yes
Maximum number of IDNS records (Intelligent DNS 256
Symetric and asymetric links (ex. ADSL) support Yes
Persistent session management Yes
OSI model Layer 2 operation (inline unit)  Yes
Real time balancing mode NAT / TAG / PREF
Traffic segmentation Yes
Quality of Service (QoS) for rate limiting and diffserv marking  Yes
Internet Service Verificator Yes
Uptime and high availability
Watchdog timer Yes
LAN Failsafe support  Software programmable
High availability support  Yes
SitePathMTPX Resilience
SitePathMTPX support  Yes
SitePath AES128 encryption Yes
Maximum number of site paths 16
Maximum number of site path groups 2
Geolink Geographic balancing
Real time dispersed geographic balancing (GeoLink) Yes
Geographic mode Inbound Geolink
Maximum number of remote geographic sites 2
Networking features
DHCP support Yes
Dynamic MTU/MSS support Yes
802.1Q (vlan) support Yes
IP Filtering Yes
Real time filtering (shunning) Yes
Built-in probe Yes
Maximum number of ports in monitoring mode (tap) 1 (multimode only)
NAT, Block NAT and PAT translation support Yes
Web-based management and reporting interface Yes
Console command line interface (CLI) management Yes
Graphical user interface (GUI) management tool Yes
Alert support (syslog, SMTP) Yes
Secure inline access (CLI and GUI) Yes
XML based external API Yes
SSH, GUI, API through dedicated management port Yes
SNMP MIB II support Yes
Physical specifications
Speed of network interfaces (Mbps) 100 / 1000
Total number of Ethernet interfaces 6
Number of Gigabit interfaces 6
Power requirements 100~240V @ 50~60Hz
Format 1U and Tabletop
Size – L, W, H (inches) 16.8 x 11 x 1.7
Hardware warranty 12 months

(*): includes the total capacity of all Virtual Forwarding Interfaces (VFIs)

Some values listed in our specification matrix (including Throughput, Number of Sessions per second or Total Number of Sessions) should be considered “peak” values.

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